Some Best Religious Festivals To Experience the Traditions in India

est Religious Festivals To Experience the Traditions in India

India is a diverse nation which celebrates different types of customs and festivals. It is a colourful country, in which each of the state has various religions and traditions. And every festivals has their different theme, history, culture and different way of celebration.

est Religious Festivals To Experience the Traditions in India

Tourist across the world visit here to relish various religious festivals. In a year, about hundred of festivals held and each state celebrate in a unique way. If you really want to experience the great cultural history of traditions and festivals then grab last minute flight deals and save big.

Here we will discuss some Religious festivals of India.

Diwali, Festival of Light

Diwali is one of the most prominent festival of India. As all around the country, people celebrate this great festival with enthusiasm. The word Diwali signifies “ Rows of Lighted Lamps” that’s why it is also known as Festival of India.

On this day, people do the worship of Goddess Lakshmi and take blessings from God. As this Goddess provide wealth and prosperity. People wear new clothes, bursts crackers and share sweets with the families or friends. Every state has their own rituals they celebrate according to their own.

Month of Celebration:

Diwali is held mostly in the month of October of November, it is based on the Lunar Cycle.

Significance of the festival:

This festival was celebrated when After a long banishment of 14 years, Lord Rama return to her born place, along with his wife Sita &brother Lakshmana. But after that every year, people celebrate this great light festival.

Key attractions:

On this day, houses/ shops/ societies are adorned with clay lamps, candles and with various lights. And the Children love to burst the fireworks and crackers in the night.

How to celebrate:

All the people of India celebrate with great enjoyment &spirit.

Where to celebrate:

As this Festivals of Light is celebrated across India but you can enjoy in some cities include- The Capital City of India I.e Delhi and other are Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai, Jaipur, Varanasi and many other.

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Plan your trip now with friends or family member and experience the perfect festival beauty of India.

Holi, Festival of colors

Holi- The Festivals of Colour is one of the most famous across Indians. Even foreigners also love to play with the colour. On this festival, people throw coloured powder on each other. And some of the person involves water in it. And share sweets with the friends, neighbour and family too.

People before 2 to 3 days start planning what to do new this year. Every colony, society plans great and celebrate in their own style.

Month of Celebration:

Holi is also based on the lunar calendar. It is celebrated mostly in the month of March or sometime in February. 

Significance of Holi:

It indicate the victory of Prince Prahlad over evil Holika.

Key attractions:

On this day, in early morning people make bonfire of Holika and do singing and dance around it. People throw wet and dry colors on each other and share sweets. Children love to throw water gun and balloons on each other.

How to celebrate:

Try to celebrate this colourful festival with the right group of people. Before start playing apply some oil on the skin and hair too. It will help in removing the colour over skin. For safe Holi, try to use non-synthetic & natural colors.

Where to celebrate:

Mathura, Vrindavan the city of State Uttar Pradesh is the best place to celebrate Holi. As these both place are the birth place of God Krishna. And rather than this, entire India celebrate this beautiful with great enjoyment.

There is a Lathmar Holi which is celebrated in Barsana near Mathura, it is celebrated few days before of Holi. At this festivals, women beat up their husband with their sticks which is referred as Laths.

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Durga Puja

It is another highly spiritual festival which is celebrated throughout the country but Bengali’s celebrated with great spirit. On this day, people will get dressed in a traditional manner and do worship of the Goddess Durga.

The trained worker make pandals and decorate stages to display the statues of the Goddess Durga.It is nine day festival and on each night on pandal you can enjoy the live music and dance. And on the last day, statues are taken to immerse in the Holy River Ganga.

Month of Celebration:

It is celebrated in the month of September or October, it is also depend on the Lunar Cycle of Hindu calendar.


It indicates that the when the Lord Rama’s going for war with the Ravana, he call the Goddess Durga first.

Key attractions:

Big and incredible ten armed statue of Goddess Durga are placed in the Pandals and people do worship on every 9 days.

How to celebrate:

On this festival, people do fast, feast for 9 to 10 days. A visit to pandals in the evening will provide you so many relief as many religious songs are sing by the singers which will relax your soul.

Where to celebrate:

This religious festival is celebrated all over India but the best place to celebrate Durga Puja is in Kolkata.

Best Time To Book Tickets:

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It is also the religious festival of Sikhs. On this auspicious day, langars are held in the Gurudwaras. People do worship of Sikh Guru and the priest offers you Kada Parsahd which is too delicious. And the people also hymn chanting processions, which are held in the city. During this festivals, people decorate their homes with lights, lamps, and candles. And kids love to bursts fire crackers to celebrate Gurupurab.

Month of Celebration :

This auspicious is also depend on the Lunar cycle and mostly held in the month of November.

 The significance of the festival:

On this festival, Sikh people honor the anniversaries of ten Sikh Gurus.

Key attractions:

The people sing Gurbani in the Gurdwaras or enchanting hymns. Langar is offered to every people no matter about the caste or religion of that person.

How to celebrate:

On this day, people visit Gurudwaras and enjoy the hymns, and take blessings of God.

Where to celebrate:

This festival is mostly celebrated by the Sikh and Hindu community across the world. And the best place of this festival is Punjab in India.

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There are a large number of other festivals are celebrated in India, but mentioned above are main festivals. Plan your trip to India and immerse yourself in the beauty of these festivals.

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