The Wonders of Augmented Reality Tools

Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality which is popularly called as AR has revolutionized the world of graphics, video and sound technology. The tool is implemented through an exclusive computer program and it is effectively used in the field of marketing. In fact, augmented reality is now regarded as one of the effective marketing tools. Augmented Reality is generally described as sound, graphics or video being supplemented (augmented) through a computer to appear to be a near reality of happening of the event in front of us. Many of the innovative web design and software developing agencies have successfully harnessed this AR technology. In fact, many of these agencies have become popular Augmented Reality Tools Exporters.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

Application of AR:

These agencies have harnessed this wonderful AR cutting edge technology to connect the product with the target customers. The AR tool is being effectively used in marketing, addressing the below the line (BTL) group of target customers, advertising and so on. In fact, some of the Augmented Reality Tools Exporters have adopted the AR tools to organize seminars and events focusing on the target customers. Such seminars have greatly helped the organization in building larger clientele.

Augmented reality has many facets like for example interactive technology, holo technology, multi touch technology, advertising kiosk and various other tools. Few of these tools are briefly explained here:

Interactive technology: In this technology, the agency uses exclusively designed floor or wall or roof which depicts the products to the target customers. For example, the agency introduces exclusive screens abutting the wall. The screen will contain computer monitored images of the product or a short video highlighting the product. Such screens cover substantial portion of the interior or exterior of the building. Such advertising leaves a lasting impression on the target customer.

Advertising Kiosk: This is one of the simple and very effective tools. You might have observed an electronic board or screen outside the shop highlighting the products marketed by the particular store. Such boards are nothing but electronic Kiosk. The Kiosk is portable and it can be kept at any public place. The Kiosk does not occupy too much space. The contents in the kiosk can be altered at any point of time.

The type of tool depends on the target customers and the product. Experts in marketing are of the opinion the augmented reality tool has revolutionized the marketing technique. Most of these tools are not expensive. The agencies supplying the tools will guide the business house about the type of tool that can help in pushing the sales up.

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