How To Maintain Your iPhone App After Launch?

How To Maintain Your iPhone App After Launch?

Apps are a fragile thing. If you don’t care or let me say don’t care enough, they can be dead. I might have sounded like they are living beings but they need attention, maintenance, and care just like living beings. You might have completed the exhausting journey of iPhone app development and took the breath of relief after launching it. However, much more still needs to be done which might seem to be daunting. If you are celebrating the launch, hold that for the moment, let me show you what else you need to do and when you are finally done, you can then resume your celebration.

 1) Run An App Analytics Software

To decide the next phase of your app, you need an exact evaluation of the current situation of it. Know how much attention your app is receiving. Conduct a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) analysis. Make sure to measure the following points to take any further actions.

  • The number of users installing the app.
  • Engagement rates on weekly basis.
  • Retention rates on weekly basis.
  • Features which are maximum used.
  • Features which are used the minimum.
  • Number of uninstalls.

App analytics software will help you know all of the above things about your freshly launched iPhone app. It will help you know where you stand and what you need to achieve.

2) Listen To What Users Have To Say

Good or bad, feedback is something to be taken very seriously. Good feedback is a token of appreciation and negative feedback is an indication of improvement. Pay extra focus on their feedback, reply to them, and act actively on them as well. Take their suggestions to plan your next update and this is the perfect way to make your app successful.

How To Maintain Your iPhone App After Launch?
How To Maintain Your iPhone App After Launch?

3) How Are The Features Used?

Well, while building the app, you must have selected a bunch of features out of plenty others. It’s the high you check whether you have made the right choice or not. Check which features are used maximum and appreciated by the users. Also, check which features are not used by the people. Based on that make a new list of features which you think can be of a great addition to the app. Check the apps of similar category and study what they have integrated.

4) Bug Fixing and Crash

After the launch of your iPhone app, there might be a possibility of bugs and in several instances, the app might crash as well. Keep an eye on the app and see if the iPhone app needs bug fixing and if it crashes, make sure it doesn’t. The user won’t like to use an app which gets crashed frequently. So, leave the bugs behind or your users will leave your app behind.

5) Launch Updates

The user must find something new in your iPhone app to cling on to it for a very long time. Hence, once you see your app has picked a right pace and moving in the desired direction, launch the app and market it. This will keep your app in news and keep your user base loyal.

6) Minor Changes

Some UI changes or small tweaks will be good post-launch. Here you can use the reviews and decide what changes you can make. Also, if you see the trend is changing and your iPhone app is not at par with the trend, it can be one of the change. If the user is having trouble navigating the app, change in the navigation is also something you can do.

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