The Growing Popularity of Dream 11 Fantasy ODI Cricket Team

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Dream 11 is an amazing fantasy sports platform that has the vast user base of more than 1 crore. It offers different sports like Cricket, Football, and Kabaddi. The registration for this game is quite easy as the site is quite user-friendly. The user just needs to login into their respective accounts, select their teams and use their skills & knowledge while betting for their players.

The full form of ODI is One Day International, which is played between two international teams. Each team has a fixed number of over’s. The company has provided all the information regarding the India tour of South Africa 2017-18, along with full predictions. The prime page covers all the information for all the ODI matches. All information regarding the match venue, date, and closing time are provided to the fans.

Every team gets to play with a maximum budget of 100 credits. The team earns points on the basis of how the team performs in the live matches. It is important to brush up all the cricket knowledge so that the team is in the best position to win. The user needs to select upcoming matches from the current or upcoming cricket series. The user can join win cash contests by showing off their skills in betting.

The team can be created by choosing 11 players within a budget of 100 credits. The different categories in which the players can be chosen from are

  • WK: Wicket Keeper
  • BAT- Batsmen
  • BWL- Bowlers
  • AR- All-rounders

The next step is to choose the Captain and the Vice-Captain. The captain gets 2× points by playing in the actual game. The Vice-Captain scores 1.5× point scored by them in the actual game.

In order to win matches, the user must work towards attaining the maximum points and the number 1 rank on the leaderboard. The process works with virtual money. The user is free to cut players, bench them and trade them. The performance helps them to earn virtual player points. The person with the maximum points is the winner. The game itself sounds more like fun and to create a team is quite simple. The user can get their account registered through Facebook and email addresses.

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The punter can bet on almost anything ranging from the winner of the toss to the winner of the match, from the highest point earning batsman to the top bowler, and from the best wicketkeeper to the man of the match.

Thus, it can be concluded that Dream 11 Fantasy ODI Cricket Team is making head turns as it is one of the best ways to make money by getting on cricket game.

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