Pakistan National Assembly Opinion Survey Poll 2018 and Predictions

pakistan opinion poll

As Pakistan elections are scheduled for 25 July 2018 and results will be out after the completion of national assembly polls. All parties are trying hard in the campaigning along with keeping an eye on current Pakistan opinion polls. As many survey agencies, pollsters are already came with their predictions of the upcoming poll in Pakistan.

pakistan opinion poll

Pakistan is a Muslim state and second largest muslim population country in the world after Indonesia. All the parties are now campaigning for the elections and many poll agencies are busy in preparing and announcing opinion polls of Pakistan national assembly elections 2018. In this post we are analyzing and throwing lights on some of the famous and reputed opinion polls regarding the upcoming elections.

Pakistan Opinion Survey Polls

Currently Pakistan is ruled by PML (N) and they won the last elections in 2013. National assembly elections in Pakistan are conducted every 5 years. Tenure of 2013 government has been over on 31 May 2013 and elections for new government will be conducted in end of the July month. PTI and PPP are trying to win this elections and all of the parties are campaigning against each other. Many poll agencies created surveys nationwide and province wise to know the mood of voters. Here are the selected opinion polls of the nation.

SDPI has conducted two opinion polls in 2014 and 2015 on 4300 voters of Pakistan and according to their surveys, people are not happy with the current government. PTI was the leading scorer with 33% vote share.

In April 2017, Gallup Pakistan conducted an opinion survey on 1400 and according to their survey 37% people are happy with the current government of PML (N). PTi was on 2nd spot with 22 to 25% votes.

GSP and Pulse Consultant polls were announced on 24 October 2017 and 25 October 2017. Both the polls are predicting the success of PML (N). Both the polls were analyzed on 7700+ residents.

From November 2017 to May 2017 Gallup Pakistan has conducted three polls on 8000 voters. All the predictions are going in the favor of current ruling party PML-N. PTI might be main opposition party with 25% vote share.

Opinion should not be taken as final advise and voters must always wait for the final results. Pakistan election results will be declared after the 25th July 2018 after the completion of Pakistan polls.  Millions of people are waiting for the outcome of these elections.

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