Use air freight forwarding services in Dubai to move stuff on time

air freight forwarding services Dubai

Agencies that undertake freight forwarding services are a unique part of the goods movement chain from a producer or manufacturer to the client. Forwarding agents do not actually move the goods, but play a key role in the logistics of goods movement. This is why a reliable forwarding agent is extremely important for the overall successful running of a company. There are some companies providing air freight forwarding services in Dubai. It is important to know which one is right for you before you sign them on.

air freight forwarding services Dubai

Freight forwarding companies often offer the following associated services:

  • Vehicle lashing services – Securing of goods for transportation is an important part of moving of goods because improperly secured goods not only have a chance of being damaged but are also capable of causing accidents. Vehicle lashing or securing of cargo to minimize its shifting is crucial for safe transport of cargo like automobiles.
  • Goods warehousing services – Sometimes goods have to be stored for certain periods in transit between leaving a manufacturing or production facility and arriving at the customer’s end. Some goods, especially fresh produce, are susceptible to damage if not stored in optimum conditions. Forwarding agents with good warehousing facilities are therefore much in demand.
  • Customs clearance services – Customs clearing involves preparing of clearance documents and paying of taxes, duties, etc. Forwarding agents who also provide customs clearing services or have such service providers affiliated to them can do their job faster.
  • Cargo consolidation services – Cargo consolidation offered by freight forwarders involves assembling of cargo for better freight rates as well as security. This type of service, as part and parcel of overall forwarding services, helps more efficient movement of goods.

In order to be successful in the freight forwarding business, it is essential that an agency has the following attributes:

  • Ethical business practices – It goes without saying that a forwarding company must conduct business in an ethical manner and keep the clients’ best interests at heart.
  • Right pricing policy – A forwarding agent should offer competitive prices so as to compete favourably with others in the business.
  • Customized solutions – Freight forwarders should be flexible enough to meet requirements of all types of clients. In other words, they should be able to efficiently move all types of goods and take care of associated processes.
  • Full tracking support – A client should be able to track cargo at every stage.

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