5 Things to Consider When Returning Home From Dubai

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With the majority of Dubai’s population comprised of expats, it’s no surprise that expats come from and go to Dubai as consistently as the sun rises. After all, Dubai is a haven for young professionals looking for sun, sand, and exciting career opportunities.

For expats feeling nostalgic or looking for new opportunities at home, the move back can present a challenge. Moving back to their country of origin can be a logistical nightmare, especially if an expat has lived in Dubai for an extensive period of time.

An international move can get stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Relocating can be an easy and simple process, provided some planning is done before the big day. Even the most seasoned expat will benefit from some careful planning beforehand.

This article highlights the key factors expats must consider to ensure the move back home is a smooth process.

1.    Some important questions

Whatever your reason may be for heading back home, to ensure a seamless and smooth move, some important questions must first be answered. These questions will inform the moving process and help you avoid unnecessary delays, hassles, or extra expenses.

The questions you should ask yourself include:

  • Is this a temporary or permanent move?
  • How long do you have before you move?
  • Is this the best time to move?
  • Do you have to inform friends and family members of your move?
  • What is your relocation budget?
  • Can your employer provide relocation help?
  • Is all the paperwork necessary for your move back home complete?
  • Do you have any assets to sell in Dubai (car, belongings, etc.)?
  • Do you need the services of a professional international freight agency?

2.    Cost of the move

After you’ve sufficiently answered the questions above, the most important thing to consider is cost.

Moving back home from Dubai can be costly. There are several key factors that need to be determined when finalizing the cost of your move. When creating the budget for your move, consider both moving and transportation costs.

These two costs will be decided by:

  • Size of the move
  • Distance
  • Route
  • Transportation method

The distance and destination of your move can have a considerable impact on final costs. For example, moving and shipping to USA or Europe (which are common international routes) will be cheaper due to competition. Destinations that are farther off like Australia or South America will come with a heftier price.

3.    Moving insurance

When moving, it’s important to confirm the insurance policies surrounding your belongings.

When you move, you’ll be putting all of your possessions into the hands of a moving company. The last thing you want is to arrive at your destination to find that your belongings have gotten lost in transit.

Some of your belongings have sentimental value that makes them irreplaceable.

This is why it’s a good idea to confirm the inclusions of your insurance coverage. Make sure that the insurance policy available covers the full value of your belongings against theft, damage, and/or loss.

4.    Customs duty charges and taxes

Goods or belongings that are shipped from one country to another are subject to customs duty. When sending your personal effects out of Dubai, you are legally required to complete a customs declaration form with your shipment.

Belongings that are shipped out without the necessary customs invoice attached may be subject to refusal. You will then be forced to pay return charges, further complicating your move home and increasing its cost.

Be aware of your home country’s customs regulations and requirements, including prohibited items and allowance, before shipping out any goods.

Preparing the necessary international freight shipping documents beforehand will ensure your belongings clear customs in a timely and efficient manner.

5.    A reputable moving company

When working with a moving company, reputation matters. After all, they will be responsible for ensuring your belongings make it to their destination in a timely manner, safe from theft, damage, and/or loss.

Selecting a reputable international moving company ensures your personal effects are entrusted to a company with the experience and infrastructure necessary to transport your goods. When shopping around for a moving company, look for one with a FIDI certification.

A FIDI certification confirms that a moving company is accredited in the international moving industry. The FIDI certification is only given to companies that meet rigorous standards regarding both operations and customer service.

Saying goodbye

Moving back home after spending a significant amount of time abroad, particularly in Dubai, should be an exciting and welcome experience. And it can be so, provided that you take the necessary steps before flying home.

The practical advice mentioned in the article will help you and your belongings get back to your home country from your current residence in Dubai with as little stress and in the most timely manner as possible.

Safe travels!

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