Water purification is easy these days using a number of methods

Water purification process

With degrees of contamination increasing in everything; from water to instant noodles, we have to be very careful about what we ingest and how. It is extremely important to be fully aware of the possible impurities that a consumable substance can contain and of ways to remove them. Water purification, especially, is a tricky issue since purification methods used often force a compromise in terms of the taste of purified water; whether it is consumed plain or used to prepare beverages like tea or coffee.

Water purification process
Water purification process

Some companies offer innovative and effective solutions to water purification problems. Some of these solutions include:

  • Purification kits
  • Purification drops
  • Water filter kits

It goes without saying that the chemical substances used for purification should not themselves be harmful or cause problems of their own. For example, some substances used for purifying water can become combustible when they come in contact with calcium hypochlorite. In other words, the substance will ignite and start a fire.

Apart from this, care should be taken to ensure that:

  • One’s hands are clean and free of any contaminant while handling the substance that will act as a purifier
  • If the purifying substance is applied somewhere, that surface, too, has to be clean and free of contaminants

In addition, one can purchase water filter kits to purify water at home in a convenient and inexpensive manner. These filters usually consist of two vessels – one positioned vertically above the other – with impure water being poured into the upper vessel while the lower vessel yields pure water. The agent that performs the task of filtering this water is activated carbon that absorbs impurities like metallic contaminants and insecticides as well as bacteria.

Most purification substances or devices are available at prices ranging between $40 and $80, with shipping charges being added separately. This could be a small price to pay considering one gets to use the substances or devices multiple times to purify larger quantities of water. Purification substances or devices also help you to avoid using bottled water, which can become a recurring and rather pointless expense.

Moreover, there really is no foolproof way of knowing that one is indeed drinking pure water when one is using bottled water, no matter which brand is being purchased. Whereas, in case of purifying substances and devices, you are in charge of your own purification process with complete control over health and hygiene.

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