Introduction of Hearing Loss

Introduction of Hearing Loss

Ears are one of the main sense organs in which we depend upon heavily. If we don’t listen to anything we don’t understand the voice of anyone. We have to protect our hear for a long time someone who have the hearing problem who can’t able to understands sounds or nothing at all in India thousands of babies are born with hearing loss problem this problem also develop for there future.

Introduction of Hearing Loss


Why we lose our hearing?

In our life, we choose to listen to loud music in headphones, cars woofers, party, at home etc. We forget what was it affect our life.


Age also effects on hearing. As you age, you experience a number of changes in the way your body functions. Hearing loss due to aging is a common condition that impacts many older adults.

Hearing loss Types:

Here are some hearing loss type conductive, sensorineural, central hearing protection.

Conductive :

This is come when ear outer area parts get pain and blockage sound going in inner parts. It’s might be temporary because some people take a treatment.


This happens when there is the problem in your inner part of your ear this affects your brain. This is the effect when your ear tiny hair cells are damage sensorineural hearing is always permanent there has no treatment.

Central hearing loss:

This is rare when your rachela part is working but your brain is not working well this hearing types difficult to treat the hearing loss .

 Causes of hearing loss

●     Inner part damage:

The nervous cell and cochlea sound  to send the brain if they nervous cells get damage so hearing loss problem get starts higher pitches may bcame you muffled to you.

●     Earwax:

Earwax block your ear canals and prevent conduction, hearing sound of ear this can be restored with earwax removal.

●     Ear infection and abnormal bone:

Infection of ear damage your inner part of ear.

Hearing loss risk


Degeneration of ear inner area part occurs over time.


Jobs and work on industrial is a regular time of loud noise they can damage the ear.

illness :

Some illness disease is the result of a high fever such as meningitis may damage the cochlea.

How can you prevent hearing loss:

●     Avoid loud voice:

Avoid extremely loud sounds the loud noise probably damage your ear and you can’t hear what other people say you always raise your voice to talk with other people.

●     Don’t put anything on hearing :

Don’t put anything on hear use noise canceling earphone or headphones don’t turn on the volume up your earphone cover the noise voices.

●     Medication:

Ask about your medication some are antibiotic, diuretics chemotherapy agents.

●     Don’t smoke :

Don’t smoke they linking with your hearing if you smoke, protecting your hearing may be a reason to quit.

Hearing protectors are which you need

❖    Earplugs:

Earplugs put on your ear canals. which gives you help from a loud voice, sound.

❖    Earmuffs:

This protects you from loud voice. Ear muffs is soft in under area and the outer cups parts is hard.they band your head.

❖    Semi-insert earplugs:

This like a band with has two plugs which you put on your ear canals this also give you protection.

How is it treated

Hearing loss could be a difficult problem to deal. It can very often it can be treated be naturally way. However, if the problem is not subsiding even after 2-3 days, one must not delay in seeking help from a medical practitioner or an  Ear specialist.

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