Important facts to know about FEMA and RBI related services

RBI- the Reserve Bank of India is the governing body who governs over the whole financial market of the nation, except share market. It is known as the lender of last resort, a bank of the banker’s, regulatory body and much more. The service it provides to the nation is directly affecting the economy of it.

RBI is solely responsible for the circulation of currency; in fact, it creates the whole currency as well. If you ever need to establish a financial protocol for your company, you must surpass RBI guidelines and fall according to it, else you will not be able to conduct business.

FEMA is the Foreign Exchange Management Act, as the name suggests, it governs all the foreign exchange related issues in the country. Since the last two decade almost, Foreign Direct Investment- FDI has benefitted the country economically as loads of collaboration with foreign business giants has taken place.

The export-import of goods and services are way too seamless to be conducted now. It benefits the business of an individual as well as the economy of the nation also gets benefitted. In case you want to expand your business abroad, with multinational companies or any entity that may invest and conduct business with you, you must follow the rules and regulations of FEMA.

One must consult a firm who is specialized in assisting you with any FEMA & RBI service. There are various services related to RBI and FEMA, let’s have a look at them.

Setting up of a joint venture

For setting up a joint venture with any foreign company you will require proper guide and consultation from an experienced entity.

For import and export related services

To get the export code from DGFT (IEC) is mandatory to conduct foreign businesses. One must have the proper documentation and paperwork, as well as a license to conduct business in foreign.

Statutory forms of RBI

For filling up all the Reserve Bank of India related forms, which is also mandatory to conduct business in the nation, needs proper guidance to be completed. One must consult some expert for FEMA and RBI related service in Delhi.


For any kind of FEMA related procedures and Investment from abroad needs proper guidelines to be followed. FEMA and RBI Related Services in Delhi are pretty supportive to set up your business and bring economic development.

These were a few basic RBI and FEMA related services which definitely requires expert advice, choose your consultation wisely

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