How to wax leather shoes?

How to wax and feed your leather shoes? An essential question if you want to keep your shoes in time. And you will see, maintain your shoes, is not so complicated …

Do you have scuffed, damaged, slightly discolored shoes? And you wonder how you will do to give them a boost. You will find that it is not very difficult to maintain the leather. Whether moccasins, ballerinas, boots, or pumps, the method will always be the same.

Get well equipped to maintain your shoes

First, we will have to select the products. You must remember for this, a small sentence that will summarize your interview: “I clean, I nourish and protect. Once this sticky note is in mind, we will be able to choose the right products.

To clean first, you will need a cleansing milk or stain remover. Depending on the state of the material, you can select in order of “power” cleaning: Cleansing Foam, Delicate Cream, Raviv ‘Leather or Universal Detacher. The most stain-resistant products have more solvent than others. So if you have a fragile medium, prefer the Cleansing Foam. On the contrary, if the tasks are deep and the leather feels thick, go to the Universal Detacher. If you hesitate, the Raviv ‘Leather is the product most often used.

To feed now, you will need a good shoe polish. We have selected for you the brand Famaco and its Beauty Creams. Poor in solvents, and made with water, they respect the material while restoring color and shine. Here, we are going to have a tinting polish, the Famacolor, to restore the tint on the tip which is well scuffed and which has lost its color.

Finally, to protect you will equip yourself with a waterproofing. Very effective against the rain, it also helps to fight against future stains. It creates a protective barrier against water, rain, dust, grease … So, in the future, it will be easier to remove a task, it will not penetrate too deeply.

Start by cleaning the leather with a milk

So first step, cleaning. You can dust off with a soft bristle brush, or remove the dirt with a scraper brush if necessary. Then take the milk you have selected, here the Raviv ‘Leather. Pour a hazelnut on your chamoisine, and rub energetically all the surface to eliminate all the unsightly marks. You can make several passes if necessary. Let stand about 10 to 15 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

If you are on suede or nubuck, you will need adapted soaps, like Vel Vel for example. You do not apply it with a chamoisine, but with a small brush. For this, I invite you to discover all our tips to clean this topic in our other tutorial.

Nourish and recolor the leather of your shoes

Choose from the 120 different colors of polish that Famaco offers. The ideal is to find the exact shade. If that was not the case, do not panic. This product does not dye, but recolor. So no risk of drastically altering the original shade. Select a slightly darker shade to soften and camouflage any stains that are not part of the cleaning.

Here we have been obliged to first apply a whitening wax. This tinting product catches scratches. Richer in pigments than the beauty cream, this product is applied to the cloth by small patches. No need to put too much, it recolores effectively. You are not going to polish the whole shoe with this product, it is not made for that.

To apply this polish, provide yourself with a palot waxing. This brush of pork silk, will allow to slightly heat the pores of the leather, so let penetrate the wax in the heart of the material. In addition, it will be easier to apply the cream at the welt or seams. Let stand about 15 minutes before proceeding to the next operation.

Here, to give even more shine, we decided to affix a dough of the Abbey. This product made from beeswax, will give an extreme shine to the material. It is also thanks to him that you will be able to achieve icings to perfection. The trick is to put a drop of water from time to time, to give a mirror effect.

Finally, to make your shoes shine, use the soft bristle brush (horsehair). Make quick gestures to spark the wax you have just applied.

Protect your leather shoes

Last step, and surely the most important, protection. For this, only one product: the waterproofing. And you’re lucky, Famaco makes the best of all. To apply it? Nothing complicated. Spray around 20 to 30 centimeters a light veil. We recommend that you perform this step 2 to 3 times, with a drying time of at least 30 minutes between each application. Thus, the leather receives several thin layers of protection. You will understand, it is useless to empty the bomb at one time, the result will not be more effective.

That’s it, you know how to maintain and renovate your shoes. You can watch the short video to get even more explanations. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate! We are here to advise you