Indian Gardening Plants have Created a Wide International Market

Indian Gardening Plants

Gardening plants or outdoor plants are on high demand these days. People want to make their garden look beautiful and distinctive with colorful flowers and decorative plants. In India, gardening plants suppliers have made a niche in international markets too.

Indian Gardening Plants
Indian Gardening Plants

Features of gardening plants:

Characteristics of gardening plants are somewhat different from the potted plants. Outdoor plants are very sensitive to external environment of a place, thus, manufacturers of gardening plants cultivate and rear various plants in a controlled environment- the condition of soil, temperature, environmental condition, requirement of sunlight etc are closely monitored to manufacture healthy plants. Some of the well known and widely demanded garden plants are Snap dragon, Scorpion orchid, Croton plants, Palm species plants, Karonda, Pitcher plants etc. Some distinctive features of garden plants are as follows:

  • Garden plants are cultivated and reared in extremely hygienic conditions under the supervision of expert gardeners and horticulturists. Organic fertilizers are extensively used to rear them healthy. Suppliers also impart expert tips to their clients on tits and bits of gardening and special attention required for keeping the individual plants healthy and strong.
  • Special attention is given when packing a plant for shipment. The job requires high level of expertise. Selecting proper box to handle rough treatment during shipment, applying proper quantity of water and fertilizer enough for the plant during the shipping period and insulation due to varied weather conditions those the plant may face during shipment are primarily considered.

Suppliers are always keen to listen from their clients. They are always open to feedbacks from their clients on different matters relating to new varieties of garden plants, fertilizers used in rearing the plants, condition of plants after those are planted in the clients place and any suggestions from clients.

These special features of suppliers have made them stand out in stiff competition. Indian suppliers are in high demand not only on domestic market, but also in the international arena too.

Current performance of Indian gardening plants suppliers:

Indian companies have created a niche in domestic and international markets. Garden Plants, which include different kinds of bushes, herbs shrubs, trees etc. are reared in abundance by these suppliers.  Companies are appreciated for their idea of making the gardens look beautiful with multiple species of plants and supplying to places where those species are not available. Expert management and professional attitude have given these companies large client base worldwide. Strong supply chain has enabled them to develop markets in UAE, and other Gulf countries too.

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